Chrysalis is pioneering the use of natural peptide regenerative drugs to restore vascular function and activate normal stem cell populations where they exist in the body. Our lead product TP508 has demonstrated potential for clinical benefit in human clinical trials and in preclinical studies for multiple clinical indications. Chrysalis has utilized non-dilutive funding to build a diverse pipeline with focus on mitigating effects of radiation and preventing cognitive dysfunction caused by neurotrauma and brain cancer radiation therapy. The TP508 Nuclear Countermeasure Program funded by NIH and BARDA is being developed under the FDA Animal Rule program with potential approval by 2024. It has become clear that SARS-CoV-2 infection is an endothelial vascular disease that causes symptoms similar to radiation exposure. NIH has therefore, funded Chrysalis to complete steps needed to initiate human clinical trials in COVID-19 patients.
IND Enabling
Phase 1/2
Moderate/Severe Covid-19
Brain Cancer Radiation Therapy
Traumatic Brain Injury
Nuclear Countermeasure/Acute