Chrysalis Biotherapeutics

Saving Lives
Through Innovation

Developing Next Generation Regenerative Peptide Drugs

Chrysalis is pioneering the use of natural regenerative peptides to restore vascular function and activate normal stem cell populations where they exist in the body to accelerate tissue repair and prevent damaging effects of trauma, disease, ischemia, and radiation exposure

Closeup of brain MRI scan result

Solution for Radiation Induced Tissue Damage

Development of drugs to selectively reduce radiotherapy-induced normal tissue damage may improve post-therapy quality of life and save lives.


Solution for Nuclear Radiation Exposure

A single TP508 injection 24 hours after a lethal dose of whole body radiation significantly increases survival and reduces delayed effects of radiation.

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TP508 Peptide Technology

The TP508 thrombin peptide is released locally following vascular injury to initiate cellular regenerative processes that lead to revascularization, stem cell activation, and tissue repair.

flow of red blood cells into the blood vessel, 3D illustration

Regenerative Medecine

Chrysalis BioTherapeutics is developing a “next generation” therapeutic approach that harnesses the body’s natural regenerative signals to protect and activate endogenous progenitor stem cells.

Clinical Pipeline

Dermal/Soft Tissue
Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Radiation Therapy
Brain Cancer
Radiation Dermatitis/Delayed Healing​
Neural Regeneration
Traumatic Brain Injury
Degenerative Disease
Nuclear Countermeasure
Acute & Delayed Radiation Syndromes​

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