The TP508 Solution for Regenerative Medicine

Under normal circumstances, natural activation of progenitor cells within tissues throughout the body is sufficient for tissue repair. However, aging, vascular disease, chronic infection, ischemia, and radiation all interfere with normal regenerative signaling. A number of companies and universities are developing cell therapy approaches to replace stem cells and restore tissue function.  These approaches however require isolation of progenitor cells from an individual, their expansion outside of the body, and re-injection into the damaged tissue. This process is complicated and has raised a number of regulatory concerns.

Chrysalis BioTherapeutics is developing a “next generation” therapeutic approach that harnesses the body’s natural regenerative signals to protect and activate endogenous progenitor stem cells to stimulate repair and restore function to damaged tissues and organ systems. This natural peptide approach does not require cell isolation and reintroduction into damaged tissues. Thus, eliminating many of the complications of current cell therapy approaches. Our lead product, TP508, has demonstrated safety and potential efficacy in human clinical trials for dermal and orthopedic tissue repair. In preclinical studies TP508 has demonstrated significant benefit in mitigating effects of radiation exposure and traumatic brain injury. TP508, therefore, has the potential to change the future of regenerative medicine, save lives, and improve life’s quality for millions of people.