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Solution for Radiation Induced Tissue Damage

Development of drugs to selectively reduce radiotherapy-induced normal tissue damage may improve post-therapy quality of life and save lives.


Solution for Nuclear Radiation Exposure

A single TP508 injection 24 hours after a lethal dose of whole body radiation significantly increases survival and reduces delayed effects of radiation.

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TP508 Peptide Technology -

The TP508 thrombin peptide is released locally following vascular injury to initiate cellular regenerative processes that lead to revascularization, stem cell activation, and tissue repair.

Coroanvirus covid-19 sars 2019 ncov 2 virus microscope view. 3d illustration


TP508, targets endothelial cells to restore vascular function and modulate immune responses
after injury. A single injection of TP508 24 hours after SARS-CoV-2 infection almost completely
blocks the CoV-2 virus-induced cytokine storm in animal models.